Understanding Bleed

What is bleed and why is it required?

Bleed is an overlap of artwork that extends beyond the borders you’ve made. When we trim along these borders to neaten up your finished product, bleed ensures you aren’t left with an inelegant white sliver or blank space around the edges of your artwork.

Bleed should be at least 3mm in size.

For Example

In the example, the artwork shown to the left has no bleed. Its edges are set up to be exactly the size of the trimmed finished product. If this leaflet moves ever so slightly when it faces the guillotine (you’d be nervous too), it will be faintly edged in white.

The artwork shown to the right has bleed. Everything outside the pink crop box (which we’ve only made visible for demonstration’s sake) will be trimmed off. But it will also stop that nasty white border from creeping in. We’ll know where to cut, because you’ll have specified the size you want.

Need Help?

Send your artwork to us and we will be able to supply you with a quote to add bleed on to the file, the cost can depend on the artwork itself, the file supplied to us and a number of other factors. We always send back a proof for approval if we are making artwork changes.

If, between Pinksheep and yourself, we are unable to add bleed, the last option is that we add a deliberate white border to your artwork.

For any further advice on bleed please contact us on 0208 619 0451 or email hello@pinksheep.co.uk