Introducing Gloss Emboss™

  • Stay remembered – A kept business card generates more income than one that ends up in the bin. Fact! Make this happen with ‘Gloss Emboss’.
  • Look premium – Picture this: You send your client a mailer that looks and feels so good they just have to show everyone in the office. Introducing ‘Gloss Emboss’ – the way to get more people talking about you and your brand.
  • Feel good – Arm yourself with the best business cards on the market. Then, start practicing your handing-it-over technique (grip lightly, keep it casual… like you’re totally unaware that your business card is completely gorgeous – ‘This old thing?’). Feels good doesn’t it?

Interested in other products with Gloss Emboss?

We can use Gloss Emboss across a range of products and use unique textures and effects to enhance your marketing, speak to us today and request your sample pack to see this great effect in the flesh!

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